Hello, we’re Affinity Water

the lovely people behind the Save Our Streams campaign – but we guess you already knew that seeing as you’re here.

What you might not know is we’re

one of the few water companies that only supply water

we leave it to one of your otherlocal water companies to take it away again

That means we can focus completely on getting the good stuff to you

We’re sure you’ll agree that water is a precious resource, as are the local waterways, lakes and aquifers (that’s underground porous rocksto you and me), that we draw it from to bring it to your home.

Our community focus means

we care for the water and the people we serve

And we’re serious about this commitment – our plan means we’re always finding new ways to supply high quality and affordable water, efficiently and sustainably while also protecting our environment.

If you’d like to join us in saving water, and getting a bit of money off your bill too, you can sign up to Save Our Streams andget free water saving devices for your home. It only takes a few minutes – you could do it while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil.